Peb (Vikatgad)

Some of my classmates went to Peb (Vikatgad) in July and when I saw their pics on facebook, I (actually we all) felt  like doing this trek.

Team :

Sushant Bhosale (Me),
Prashant Chaudhari,
Aditya Shelar,
Tushar Tapkir and
Amogh Lale

Date : 21st Aug 2011

Place : Neral, Karjat, Raigad

Peb (Vikatgad)

Route : Pune Station(via Train) -> Neral -> Fanaswadi(via Rickshaw).

Time from base village : 2 hours.

Difficulty : Medium

History :

Not much is known about the history of this fort.

So here goes. . .

Me and Prashant left for Pune Station early this time because we were supposed to catch the 7 am Sahyadri Express to Neral. Neral is small town just 2 stations ahead of Karjat and surprisingly Sahyadri Express is the only train that halts at the Neral Station. We reached Pune Station by 6:35 and took the tickets for 5 of us.

This time Amogh had agreed to bless us with his company. We bought the tickets and called Amogh only to hear that the boy was still sleeping. The train also halts at ShivajiNagar Station, so we told him to board the train at ShivajiNagar. The train was delayed by 20 mins at Pune Station itself. So Amogh easily boarded the train at ShivajiNagar station.

It was pleasant ride from Pune to Neral, train took about 3 hours to reach Neral, By 10:30 am we were in Neral. We had a little breakfast and then took a rickshaw to Fanaswadi, its a 10 mins drive about 2-3 kms, you can even take a walk.

View of the fort!!!

The trek kicks off from Fanaswadi. The start is a little confusing or at least it was to us, because of thick vegetation the road wasn’t visible. Just remember to follow the big electric poles.

Wrong Way along side the stream.

Electric Poles

The climb is tiring but very beautiful. It has dense vegetation and being the rainy season we had to walk through some patches of dense forest. Upon walking further we came across an hollow tree, classic creation of nature. JUST AMAZING!!!

Hollow Tree

Further ahead again there is a confusing turn, either you go straight or turn right. The correct way is to go straight. It gets confusing because of small waterfalls on both straight and right side and its hard to tell which path to take.

What awaits further is long but easy rock patch. The patch is very easy to climb and you’ll be on top in no time.

View from the rock patch.

After here we had to cross some small rock patches where water were flowing but steps were engraved on the rocks to make it easier to cross. In 10-15 mins we reached the cave on top. We met Mr. Athalle (known as Athalle sir), we had heard about him from our friends who visited the fort just last month. Athalle sir has been living on the fort itself from last 30 years. He is an IIT alumna and has done specialization in plumbing. He is the guy responsible for the beautiful cave and temple on the top of the fort. Very interesting guy to meet.

Cave on the fort.

Me and Athalle Sir

The cave has been maintained in a very nice manner. The walls have various shlokas painted in Sanskrit.

Inside the cave

Effigy of Shivaji Maharaj


We sat there in the cave for some time and then started our walk further. Up ahead we noticed an square opening in the wall, we were told that there is a 5ft*5ft room ahead through that opening. The opening was very small so none of us ventured in there.

Opening in the mountain.

And from the cave only you can see the steel steps built ahead to climb the wall. These are the steps which you would see pop up in Google image search if you search for Peb trek.


Water Cistern

There is an eating place on the top, where you can order and get food.

Eating Place

There are two sets of steel steps you need to climb down on your way towards the railway track. Yes railway track, there is a toy train which runs between Neral and Matheran. This train has a stop for Vikatgad. On our way back we had to reach this track at point NM158 and walk on the track to the point NM134. NM134 is the point where road to Matheran meets the railway tracks, from where we could get a ride back to Neral.

Steps Again!!

View from the top of the steps

We spotted a snake.

Once you reach the tracks you have to take a left. If you take right you’ll reach Matheran.

Train Tracks

Walk on the track is a very pleasant one, we got to see some of the best creations of the nature.

View from the tracks

View from the tracks

There are quite a few waterfalls as well on the way to NM134.

Water The Fall

And finally NM134 came and we saw the road. We took a trax back to Neral.


From Neral we took a local to Karjat and from Karjat boarded a train to Pune. The ride back from Karjat to Pune was hell. The train was jam packed and we came standing all the way from Karjat to Pune, its a 3 hour train ride, after a whole day of walking.


Comments on: "Peb (Vikatgad)" (9)

  1. Hi.
    I am really impressed with the detailed description of your treks. I was looking for info. about Torna online and stumbled upon your blog. I am planning to climb Torna in December with a friend. I am originally from Mumbai, but right now I live in the UK. I am coming on a holiday in December. Could you please tell me how long it takes to finish the climb? [From Velhe to Velhe]. Thanks a lot.
    Sagar Karandikar.

    • Hi Sagar. First of all thanks for those kind and encouraging words. And as far as your question is concerned, it’ll take anything between 5 to 6 hours (if you are in a hurry) for a round trip from Velhe to Torna and back.

  2. Thanks for good photos and information…..

  3. hello sushant,

    m preeti, i had seen your blog on vikatgad, very nicely you have explained the details and shared the photo of caves and athayle sir, he was also happy after hearing and seeing your blog. in last 3 months of our hard work we found only one person who had given details about athayle sir, who is developing vikatgad from last 30 years. Once again i would like to invite you on vikatgad, now you will see a lot of new change on vikatgad.

    thanks a lots

  4. Sudarshana said:

    hey thanks for this brief information. we r going on 15th july ’12.

  5. preeti jadhav said:


    hi , its regarding your vikatgad visit . i hv send you a blog also on 7/11/11.
    I need ur help regarding vikatgad. can you pls contact me urgent on my mail id. I will give you my contact no.

  6. Can anyone tell about the changes that the fort has undergone or changes in trek route as I plan to go for it in November 2015 !
    Thanks in advance

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