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“Add To Playlist” in Ubuntu

For a long time now I have been using Ubuntu 11.04 (with Unity) as my primary OS. I like to listen to music and I use Audacious as my default audio media player whose official website is here, but the website is not informative so you can find more information about it here on wikipedia.

One issue in Unity is that drag and drop is not easy (or maybe it is!!! in the stable release. but since am using alpha release it doesn’t really work for me). So whenever I want to listen to songs and want to add them to my Audacious playlist I have to do a lot of minimizing and maximizing. I was an Windows user so I always used Winamp on windows, which by the way allows to add songs into the playlist just by right clicking on them. I always wanted this feature on Linux. But no software supported this.

So I decided to take issues in my own hands. I found a script about adding the menu item when you right click on a file. And I used it to execute a script which adds that file to the current playlist in Audacious :).

Here’s the steps to get your own custom “Add to Playlist” menu item in Nautilus :

First of all move to the following folder

                                #cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

Then create a file in this folder and name the file whatever you want your menu item to be

                                #touch “Add to Playlist”

Add the execute permission for this file

                                #chmod +x “Add to Playlist”

Edit this file and add the following code in this file


                                ## Sushant Bhosale <>
                                ## The code is Free and Open Source

                                IFS=$’\n’                                                                ##IFS(Internal Field Separator), Google for more info.

                                for FILENAME in $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS
                                                                audacious2 -e “$FILENAME”

                                exit 0

Save and enjoy!!!

Add To Playlist