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Cheat Engine to increase broadband speed. . . . . .Haha nice trap

So one night i just finished installing BT4 R2 on Virtual Box on my Ubuntu 11.04, it was about 2pm in the night. I decided to pay facebook a visit before going to bed. A friend of mine was online and i started talking.

He told me about a software called Cheat Engine which apparently boosts your broadband download speed. I googled it and found its website. I read the description which was about Game Cheating so i inquired to my friend whether i was reading the correct website and he wasn’t sure.

So finally i decided to search a little more and i found a video posted showing how to use it boost your broadband speed.

I was really very excited to check it out. But sadly it is a Windows Software and i wasn’t sure about it working on wine. So i booted into my Windows box which is a Windows XP SP3.

I downloaded the software Cheat Engine which by the way is open source. And installed it and followed the instructions as mentioned in the video. I used BitComet to boost the download.

And you won’t believe downloads reached a whopping 400 kbps (many of you might think 400 kbps is very slow but in India i hardly reach a constant download of about 70 kbps on my BSNL broadband). I was really surprised and that is what i was going to blog about. Then i saw downloads reach a whopping 600 kbps and i was literally jumping in my room in the middle of the night.

Suddenly i realized that i use a 512 kbps broadband how the hell can i get a download bandwidth of 600 kbps??? Then i took a little closer look at the BitComet’s timer and the download progress, timer was moving at snail’s pace and progress as well.

Then only i remembered the description which i read about the software on the software’s website. Then i realized that the software, once we mention the name of the .exe running, captures all the active data structures of the file and modifies their values.

So if the original value of your download is 60 kbps, it gets modified to 500 kbps and to maintain the same ratio with the timer, even if your wrist watch shows that a time period of 3 hours has elapsed, timer in the software whose .exe you chose shows it’s only been 10 minutes.

It’s a nice trick actually to win in games but i suggest anyone who reads this please don’t fool anyone because whomever you fool with this trick is bound to realize that his/her downloads aren’t getting any faster.

I haven’t tried Cheat Engine on games but i’m sure it works great, i mean it was designed for that purpose only, isn’t it???